This website is for all residents of Felsham Road. It should help you by giving you information about the housing services provided on your estate

Private Tentant.

Moving in as Sub-tenants

If you have just moved into the Felsham Road estate, please send your contact details to the office. Having your contact details prevents major problem i.e. in an event of a leak or gas leak; we may need to contact you immediately. Your contact number means we can deal with you directly and in a most efficient way. Please ring in, email or drop us a note if you are new in Felsham Road estate.

Need parking permit?

Please be aware that vehicle clamping and removal is in operation on the estate. If you do have a vehicle and need to apply for an estate parking permit please contact the Felsham Road office or if you want to apply for a controlled parking permit which will allow you to park on Henry Jackson Road and Felsham Road, please contact the council on 0208 8718871 or 0800 5872605 (free-phone 5-7 pm) and they will be happy to assist you. Please note that you need to display an appropriate parking permit if you park your vehicle anywhere on the estate car parks or in a controlled bay, otherwise it will be clamped and/or removed.