This website is for all residents of Felsham Road. It should help you by giving you information about the housing services provided on your estate

Your New Home.

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Cleaning and disposal of rubbish

Residents are responsible to ensure their own rubbish is disposed of only in the chutes and paladin bins provided. Do not leave rubbish bags in the corridors, on the stairwells or next to the bin chambers. If you are physically challenged and cannot use the chutes, please contact the Felsham Road office and special arrangements can be made. All rubbish is collected on Tuesdays with the exception of bank holidays.

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Bulk refuse

If you have any bulky items that you need help disposing of, please contact the Felsham Road office and we will be happy to assist you. Do not leave any items of rubbish around the estate. This is a fire hazard and a danger to children. Dumping rubbish is a breach of your tenancy conditions / lease agreement.

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Graffiti and vandalism

In our effort to keep this estate a clean and welcoming environment for us all to live in, we would encourage all residents to work with us and report all graffiti to the Felsham Road staff. Removal of racist or offensive graffiti is a high priority and it will be cleaned off within 24 hours. The Council or Felsham Road will take legal action against any person who damages the estate.
Please help us to make Felsham Road the home we want it to be. The Council runs a graffiti hotline where you can report graffiti which you have seen anywhere in the borough.

Graffiti hotline number is 0208 871 7049.

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Domestic waste

Small rubbish bags can be disposed of in the rubbish chutes. Items too large for the chutes should be taken to the bin chambers. Please do not store rubbish, even temporarily, in common areas. Bin chambers and rubbish chutes are positioned all over the estate please contact the cooperative office to find their location. For fire safety reasons no storage of any furniture or equipments is allowed in the common parts or under staircases even for a short period of time.

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All dog owners must keep their pets on a leash on the estate and prevent them from fouling the common areas including the gardens. It is a requirement that pets do not cause any form of nuisance to the neighbours.

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If you notice that water is leaking in your flat or that the sanitary equipment is leaking please call the co-op office during working Hours or the Housing patrol out of hours.

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Plants put on balcony walls are welcomed but they must be secured to prevent them from falling. The Cooperative staff will need to check pots for safety from time to time and can help with securing them.