This website is for all residents of Felsham Road. It should help you by giving you information about the housing services provided on your estate

The Co-operative.


About Felsham Road

Felsham Road is located near Putney bridge and the high street. It is close to the Thames river and all amenities of the main street.  It is very central  and well served by bus routes  mainline train services Putney Station and Putney bridge underground.  Putney is seen as a desirable place to live and is a mixed area in terms of private houses, private apartment blocks and housing estates. Felsham Road estate which was built by Wandsworth Council in the 30s, is made of  5 four storeys high blocks,  The  estate is  designed around an inner garden and an outer green making the estate a very nice place to live. There are 88 flats . All dwellings are covered by an Entry Call service The whole estate is covered by a 24 hour recording CCTV system making it a safe place where to live.

Our Aims

  • Check all common areas of the estate each day, identifying priorities and ordering works as necessary.
  • Remove rubbish and clean graffiti from the estate as soon as it is reported
  • Keep all entrances, corridors and stairways clean and tidy, responding to need rather than sticking to schedules.
  • Maintain the courtyard and the grassed areas of the estate to a high standards.
  • Provide an efficient and accessible rent collection service giving residents appropriate welfare advice.
  • Provide an excellent repairs service aiming to complete repairs to a high standard well within the timescales laid down by Wandsworth Council
  • Deliver a good service to all Felsham Road residents according to their needs.
  • Encourage active participation by residents and help to foster a community on the estate.
  • Ensure that all residents can attend meetings and have access to information about the activities of the organisation.

Joining the Co-operative

Felsham Road aims to be an Equal Opportunities Organisation. We value the diversity of residents living in Felsham Road and we will treat residents according to their needs, ensuring that all residents have access to our services and the opportunity to participate in the Organisation. We will not discriminate against any resident on any grounds but in particular on race, colour, religion, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. A copy of our complete Equal Opportunities Policy and Procedure forms part of our management agreement with the Council and can be obtained from the Felsham Road office, free of charge to members. The Board is made up of residents of the estate and one council nominee. It is responsible for employing staff and contractors and running the estate on your behalf. At every Annual General Meeting, one third of the Board stand down to encourage new people to come forward although they can stand for re election. The Board meets every quarter and aims to keep you informed about what’s going on through meetings, events drop ins and a website.